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"The real value of Winning an award is the opportunities that follow such an accolade" - HMMA

The HMMA has built this concept into the awards platform from day one and the Association is committed to consistently add value in the form of real opportunities for HMMA members

The HMMA has more real opportunity than ever before and we’re excited to share exactly how this year and beyond will be the very best year for all HMMA artists!

As you may already know, the primary channels for success in the music business today are:

Live Performance – ticket sales, merch

Music Licensing – license fees, royalties
Brand Marketing - tour sponsorship fees, brand ambassador fees
TV appearance – appearance fees, royalties

Notice that record sales and radio play are NOT listed for a reason. While they are still in existence, these channels are not viable and have shifted to promotional value in the music economy today.

HMMA's Live Solution: “Hit the Ground Running™”

We’ve all heard the term before, meaning to get moving instantly without delay from the start! HMMA has embraced this urgency with our new program for booking artists into live gigs. “Hit the Ground Running” will place HMMA artists in featured performances at clubs, hotels and concert festivals that are HMMA affiliates. HMMA also has constructed a premiere concert series that will put HMMA winners on the stage with major headlining acts. These artists will play right alongside major artists and their fans, not buried somewhere off on a side stage or muddled in a sea of 100’s of performances across days in the desert. HMMA artists will Hit the Ground Running and get quality live exposure to expand their audiences, sell their products and develop sustainable careers. Hit the Ground Running is open to all HMMA premiere members who also submit their material for inclusion in the talent pool

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Hit the Ground Running

HMMA’s Licensing Solution: “The Real Deal™”

HMMA pioneered The Real Deal in 2011 and it has continued to be a resounding and disruptive success for musician’s seeking licensing deals. The Real Deal one day event delivered over 40 licensing deals THAT DAY on the SPOTHMMA further included dozens of artists into one of the most coveted and prestigious music libraries in the world of Hollywood, the World Song Net. While the rest of the industry is factually preying on musicians with their “death by a thousand cuts” model,  slowly bleeding artists in an endless lottery to get licensing deals, HMMA shows them the door and lets the artists in!  The Real Deal™ Event is open to all premiere HMMA members at 50% off

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HMMA’s Brand Solution: “Sponsor Success Summit™”

The Real Deal™ series by HMMA includes the Sponsor Success Summit. An unprecedented event where bands, composers, filmmakers, video producers and event producers gather with top brand agents, sponsors, product placement agencies and promotional companies to create synergy and develop business on site! Based on the concept of “pay it forward”, the energy is about giving, serving and creating alliances that grow and empower all parties involved. A fun and non-pretentious art & commerce experience like no other you’ve had before! The Real Deal™ Sponsor Success Summit is a power-hub event where creatives, thought-leaders and those looking to move business in real and powerful ways do so in a concentrated and highly accelerated environment. Business innovation and solutions aren’t just discussed at the summit…They happen! The Sponsor Success Summit is open to all premiere HMMA members at 50% off

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HMMA’s  TV Property: “Road to Hollywood, Making it to the Main Stage™”

In production since 2009, “The Road to Hollywood” features artists and their journey in the music biz. While enjoying European distribution during its formation, The Road to Hollywood is set to air in the US and continues to engage audiences with new music, celebs and offers insights to the viewers about the journey of the musician in today’s world while also featuring live interviews, performances and Hollywood flavor!

Casting opportunities for The Road to Hollywood is open to all HMMA Award Winners that are current premiere members.

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HMMA Live Gig Opportunities

HMMA regularly presents live showcase and concert opportunities for HMMA members, award winners and nominees. To be considered for inclusion in these events, artists must be HMMA Premiere Members and are directed to add themselves to the talent pool by submitting into the "Hit the Ground Running" live gig program. The program is designed to expand nationally and globally. HMMA is always on the lookout for coordinators in new regions and those interested in becoming a HMMA showcase or concert coordinator should send their information via the form below.

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