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Music Artists In All Genres - From Around The Globe!

"Winning a HMMA Award is more than the prestige it brings, its the benefits that follow the win that are the real value for the artists" - HMMA

The HMMA is committed to bringing far more value to award winners directly than any other indie awards show on the planet - hands down! HMMA Nominees and Winners enjoy all these benefits and more so submit music now!

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Annual Gala - Red Carpet

HMMA's main event in November draws top industry elite, press, publicity and a wealth of talent from across the globe. All HMMA Nominees are afforded the opportunity to walk the red carpet alongside celebrities, press, photographers and media outlets that are there to interview you and share your story with the world. Many have shelled out thousands to publicists to get them on a carpet at an event. Not only are you on the carpet, you're part of the action as a HMMA Nominee!


World Song Net Music Library

The HMMA has relationships in place with one of the most sought after music libraries in the world from which all major Hollywood productions are seeking music from: The World Song Net Library. All HMMA Winners can get into the library without cost ad earn significant revenues from licensing if your music is used. Further, no submissions are necessary for each project - Your music is encoded and cataloged for style, tempo, instrumentation, lyric and a dozen other aspects so your music will pop right up as a result of a music supervisor's search - Even top managers and agents may not be able to deliver this for you - HMMA does!

Rub Elbows and Make Connections

HMMA opens doors for artists everywhere! Just by being involved with HMMA, you will have the ear of many top industry professionals that know the organization and the quality it brings. HMMA events are a great place to meet people in the business on the level and create meaningful relationships. Being with HMMA is being with the winning team. Artists today need all the credibility and promotion they can get and HMMA promises to deliver more and more into the future.


Submit Music For Nomination Consideration Here