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Why is the Midcentury Modern Home Decor so Popular?

The mid century is the period between the 1930s and the 1970s that saw rapid development in the Home Decor, Architecture and Design. The Mid Century Design involves sharp edges and clean lines as you can see in the picture bellow:

But not all Mid Century Designs have been implemented on the inside of a building, there are Architectural Designs that also changed in the Mid Century, having clean lines on the outside of the walls of the buildings is a sign of the Mid Century Design, like in the picture bellow, notice the straight lines and the repeated pattern:

This work is by Oscar Niemeyer for a building located in Sao Paulo. This building started the trend of over repeating patterns in buildings. However in the United States this trend did not catch on. In the US it was popular that buildings had sharp roofs, like this local foster residence located in the Grenada Hills for example:

In these days there are many buildings that carry the Mid Century Design, airports, gov. buildings, museums and etc.We love these designs and we hope that you enjoy them as well. However the Mid Century Design is not always for everyone. Some people may prefer a different type of outdoor space.

Others may prefer different tips on designing the interior, whatever it is, designing your home is the most important part of your life.


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