Best Cushions for Your Home

When decorating and adding furniture to your home, people rarely think about what type of cushions and seating options are being offered in their home when in reality that is one of the most important things to consider. What better than to come home to your furniture and relax after a hard days work and really be able to sink down and completely be comfortable in your cushions? Would you want to come home to a hard wooden chair or be forced to sit on the hard floor when you come home, or would you rather come home to the comfort of a relaxing piece of furniture that allows you to fully unwind? Of course you would choose the furniture, and the most important part of that piece of relaxing furniture is the cushions, which is why it is important to know and understand the different types of cushions that are used in furniture pieces before deciding on which one is best for you and your home.

Papasan Cushions
The first type of cushion I want to explore is the papasan cushion. Now if you don’t know much about cushions and their official names, you probably are wondering what exactly a papasan cushion is. Well, a papasan cushion is the circular, woven cushions you see in wicker chairs that relax in a round about way but add so much value to a space. Papasan cushions can be made from many different materials but are typically made out of a micro-suede or suede of some sort. This allow for the cushion to be relaxed and still feel comfortable to the skin even while withholding the circular shape it embodies.

Bench Cushion
A bench cushion typically referes to any type of cushioning used to provide comfort on a bench seat. Bench cushions can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on what type of bench it is covering. If you have a bench seat used in your dining room in order to provide a comfortable, yet versatile dining room set you may want to go with a softer plush bench cushion whereas if you are using the bench cushion for an outdoor seating area, you may be able to get by with a slimmer, more outdoor friendly version of the bench cushion.

Chaise Cushion
Chaise cushions are your typical cushioning used in chaise lounges. Chaise lounges are a great addition to any living space, providing your guest’s with a nice place to relax but also a great decoration piece. They are usually very trendy and look great in multiple different living spaces including the outdoors as well. The cushions used on chaise lounges are ideal for the wear and tear of the outdoors as they are mildew resistant, water resistant and the materials used are also very comfortable and flexible. The only draw back to utilizing a chaise lounge outdoors is that the cushions may need to be replaced more often and should be washed and dried on a rather regular basis in order to keep them as clean as possible during usage.

Window Seat Cushions
Window seats are a popular new trend used in many people’s living rooms that have a large on-set window in them. They provide an excellent space for someone to relax and sit down while also having a beautiful view of the outdoors. The popularity of the window seat is growing and continues to grow which is why the window seat cushion is an important type of cushion to look into. You can choose from satin, suede or even just cotton for your window seat cushion, and since window seats are typically indoors you will have a wider selection of cushion materials. Window seat cushions are also very thin in order to allow for the best view of the outdoors while also being enough cushion to support your back side. If you choose to have it more of a comfort place to sit rather than a lookout you can always opt for a thicker cushion though as well.

So if you think furniture is just furniture you are totally wrong, as the cushions used in your seating areas are one of the most important aspects of your furniture and provide comfort to your home. So choose wisely the next time you decide on a piece of furniture that is using cushions.

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Things To Consider When Designing A Home

There are several things to consider when designing a new home. You should not go about it not knowing what you want as the finished product.


One thing to consider is the style of the house. You will want to consider a style of home that will match your personality, lifestyle, and the furnishings you have for both indoors and outdoors. Some neighborhoods have similar houses and other ones don’t, which is another style question you will have to decide on. The style of the house should be one you are content with since it is a big investment. Our most important home decor is midcentury.


Where you build the house can play a big role in the style of it. If you want to build in the city, on a farm, or in a rural area, it can help you decide not only the style, but also in the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other floor plans throughout the house.


If you have a family with children, you will definitely need to decide the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. You will have to decide if you want each of your children to have their own bedrooms or if they should share a bedroom. You will also need to decide how many bathrooms, like if you want a master bathroom and another bathroom for the children and visitors. If you do not have any children living at home, you still will need to decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will want for any possible over night guests or as a hobby or game room.


Besides the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, you will want to consider if you want everything on one level or multi levels. The amount of levels to the house design can also decide how long you will be able to live in that particular house. Some older people are not physically capable of climbing stairs. When deciding the amount of levels you should ask yourself how long you plan on living in it.


When designing a home you will want to consider how you will want to heat it. There is electricity, natural gas, propane, and wood heat. In some rural areas only propane and heat are able to be used. In other places, like cities, only electricity and natural gas are used to heat a house. The type of heat source for a house will also help you decide on the location you will want to build your new home.

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Why is the Midcentury Modern Home Decor so Popular?

The mid century is the period between the 1930s and the 1970s that saw rapid development in the Home Decor, Architecture and Design. The Mid Century Design involves sharp edges and clean lines as you can see in the picture bellow:

But not all Mid Century Designs have been implemented on the inside of a building, there are Architectural Designs that also changed in the Mid Century, having clean lines on the outside of the walls of the buildings is a sign of the Mid Century Design, like in the picture bellow, notice the straight lines and the repeated pattern:

This work is by Oscar Niemeyer for a building located in Sao Paulo. This building started the trend of over repeating patterns in buildings. However in the United States this trend did not catch on. In the US it was popular that buildings had sharp roofs, like this local foster residence located in the Grenada Hills for example:

In these days there are many buildings that carry the Mid Century Design, airports, gov. buildings, museums and etc.We love these designs and we hope that you enjoy them as well. However the Mid Century Design is not always for everyone. Some people may prefer a different type of outdoor space.

Others may prefer different tips on designing the interior, whatever it is, designing your home is the most important part of your life.


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4 Tips for Designing Your Home

Whenever you mention home, one typically pictures that place of comfort where they go to unwind and relax after a long days work. Having a home is a fundamental basic need and with it comes to a sense of security and belonging, it is because of this reason that architectural designs of homes have transformed over the years to make room for advanced designs to suit diverse and complex needs for individuals.
Various factors influence the type of homes people have, ranging from cultural values, financial position, social amenities, family size et al. However, the most determining factor that plays out is the financial position of an individual. Money determines the size of the house one can build, the kind of furniture they can own, the home accessories that they can own and the like. However, this should not discourage people though who have substantial amounts of cash and want to live in style.

Here are some of the ways one can transform their homes into desirable spaces of living.

1. Less is always more. While decorating most people think that investing in lots of high-end furniture and equipment equals a stylish home. Well, this is mostly not the case because an overcrowded space is not usually comfortable. And when there is a lot of detail, the accessories seem to ‘fight for attention.’ So always focus on little that works for you.

2. Ceiling. Most people usually focus on the walls, furniture and the other parts of the house and completely neglect the ceiling and the outdoors. Ceilings can add an edge in the interior decorating of your home; you can put lighting that focuses the attention to this part of the home such as chandeliers or even have patterns be made on it that compliment the wall colors.

3. Lighting. In any home design program, they have to talk about lighting. Lighting is a very crucial component in any home, whether it is natural light or artificial ones that come from light bulbs. The inside of your home should be well lit to bring out the glow and warmth in it. Take advantage of natural light by having enough windows in the home which also helps with ventilation. As for the light bulbs, you can place them in strategic areas as you would want them and also play around with colors to improve the design.

4. Add some greenery. Flowers and plants add an attraction to your quarters. It is also good for the quality of air in the homes. The idea, however, is to consider the surface area that you have such that you don’t have too much in one place and never forget to water and trim them.

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Redesigning Your Outdoor Living Space

Many people overlook the impact that a well-designed exterior to your home can have on the appearance and functionality of your property. There are several factors that you should consider when redesigning your living space which can make a real difference on your enjoyment of the space. Consider the following when you are redesigning your outdoor space.

A Home in Every Season

When designing outdoor living space for your home keep in mind the different seasons where you spend time. While you may not want to be outdoors during the cold winter months, it is important to have your home exterior built for the realities of winter. Pay attention to the manner in which you spend your time in each season. Having a wide open patio might be nice during a few spring months, but may not be helpful in the extremely hot winter months. Patio covers that can be retracted when they are not in use make for an attractive and practical alternative that let you enjoy all of the seasons.

Practical and Livable but Attractive

The best outdoor space is both practical and livable. Choosing furniture that is enjoyable for the outdoors but stands up to the wear and tear from the elements. While plastic patio furniture may stand up to the elements, it can be uncomfortable and unattractive. A balance is important and there is luckily a lot of outdoor furniture that can meet these requirements. Wicker and teak rockers or swivel chairs can make your outdoor space become a meaningful meeting place. An outdoor kitchen or electric smoker can allow you to make memorable outdoor special meals for your friends and family. Your outdoor can come alive with these useful yet neat outdoor space.

Keeping It Green

Being Green and environmentally friendly is all the rage and what better place to keep it green than in your outdoor living space. Having a concrete or paved patio can be accented with plants or shelters which can keep you cool in the summer and avoid high powered fans. Some planters with fresh herbs and vegetables will provide you with the ability to eat local, and maintain an aesthetically interesting yard. Merging green and natural features into your outdoor living space is a great way to create a wonderfully unique home exterior.

The outside of your home is still part of your home. Create a unique and wonderful space that allows you to truly enjoy your outdoor space and extend your home to enjoy nature.

Want more tips? Read our 4 tips for designing your home.

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